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Livable Delaware

The Livable Delaware series was developed to educate Delawareans about the problems of invasive plants in the landscape and ways to create more environmentally friendly gardens

Invasive plant species are a concern for professionals and homeowners alike. Invasive plants crowd out native plants and negatively affect the insects, birds, and other animals that are part of the habitat. The Plants for a Livable Delaware Program, initiated by the University of Delaware, was created to reduce the use of some common invasive plants by suggesting viable alternatives that provide similar ornamental and cultural features. DNLA is a strong supporter of this program.

Download the brochures to learn about alternatives to invasive plants, control methods for invasives, and design recommendations for sustainable lawns and landscapes.

Learn about problematic and invasive plants that are still bought and sold in nurseries and garden centers, and see great alternatives to these plants that you can use in your home landscape.

Download Plants for Livable Delaware

Get ideas for plants and plant combinations that fill specific landscape niches, such as forest edges, sunny slopes and small garden spaces.

Download Livable Plants for the Home Landscape

“What’s the plant that’s taking over my backyard garden, and how do I get rid of it?” This brochure, developed by the Delaware Nature Society, will advise you on how to control aggressive invasive plants most commonly found on a homeowner’s property.

Download Controlling Backyard Invaders

Learn how your landscape can become a Livable Ecosystem by cleaning water, increasing plant and animal diversity, cooling the environment, saving energy, and sequestering carbon while you enjoy that landscape for the pleasure it provides.

Download Livable Ecosystems

Partner in protecting our environment and get tips on how to create a healthy, environmentally friendly lawn by applying the right products, in correct quantities, at the perfect times.

Download Livable Lawns