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Delaware Certifications

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Certifications increase the value of your business and establish your qualifications for specialized services.

Here are some important certifications that are available to you:

Certified Nursery Professional Exam

The DNLA Certified Nursery Professional (CNP) certification demonstrates that you are knowledgeable and experienced in your chosen field. Certification status is earned through practical experience in the industry, passing a test reviewing the basics of the industry, and making a commitment to continuing education.

The Certified Nursery Professional Exams are offered in February and October at the Department of Agriculture, Dover, DE

For more information call:
Val Budischak at the DNLA
(888) 448-1203

Delaware Livable Lawns

The Livable Lawns Program certifies lawn care companies that follow environmentally friendly practices in fertilizer application while educating property owners about those practices.

For more information call:
Val Budischak at the DNLA
(888) 448-1203

Delaware Nutrient Management Certification

If you apply nutrients as part of your business, you may need to obtain certification from the Delaware Nutrient Management Commission. The Delaware Nutrient Management Certification program certifies individuals who

  1. Apply nutrients to 10 acres or greater
  2. Operate an animal feeding operation of 8 Animal Units or greater,
  3. Apply nutrients to lands as a component of a commercial or agriculture business in exchange for a fee or service charge -or-
  4. Advise or consult with persons as part of the development of a Nutrient Management Plan.

Many DNLA educational events are awarded Nutrient Management CEUs.

For detailed information on types of certification and the minimum requirements for initial certification and maintaining certification, visit:

Pesticide Certification

Do you use pesticides as part of your services? Anyone in the business of applying restricted or general use pesticides to the land or property of another must have a pesticide business license and/or be certified.

For more information regarding certification, exam schedule, or to obtain a Delaware Pesticide Applicator training manual, visit: