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The Delaware Nursery & Landscape Association, DNLA, is a leader in Delaware’s $745 million Green industry.

DNLA is a non-profit trade organization that serves Delaware’s horticultural related businesses and the companies that supply them. The Association also works in cooperation with the Delaware Department of Agriculture and Delaware Cooperative Extension to shape legislative and administrative policies and procedures on matters which are of interest to Delaware’s green industry.

The DNLA strives to attain these goals, in part, through annual conferences, trade shows, and certification programs.

DNLA Mission Statement

To promote and protect the nursery and landscape industry and enhance the quality of its products and services

History of the DNLA

First known as the Delaware Association of Nurserymen, the association was formed on February 23, 1973 by a group of growers, retailers, and landscape contractors. These 28 charter members were dedicated to the betterment and promotion of the green industry in the State of Delaware. Over the years, the organization’s membership has expanded to include more aspects of the green industry. Members of the association voted in 2000 to change the name to the Delaware Nursery & Landscape Association, so it could better reflect its membership base. As the DNLA continues to grow, it remains focused on the goals and mission set by its founding members.

Partnership with the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension

The DNLA and the University of Delaware have had a long-standing relationship. When the DNLA was founded, the Extension Specialist for Ornamental Horticulture, Dr. Charlie Dunham, was the secretary of the DNLA. The Extension Specialist for Ornamental Horticulture now functions as an educational advisor to the DNLA; other Extension personnel also serve as advisors.

For more information, please visit the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension.

Learn More

 The University of Delaware and the DNLA work collaboratively on a number of programs and events for the green industry:

  • Educational meetings throughout the year
  • University educational efforts for the Nursery and Landscape Industry, such as the Horticulture Short Course Series
  • Programming to meet the needs of the nursery and landscape industry, created by the University of Delaware Ornamentals Task Force
  • The DNLA News, written and published by the Extension Specialist for Ornamental Horticulture
  • The DNLA Certified Nursery Professional Program, developed through collaboration with DNLA industry leaders and extension professionals at the University of Delaware

For more information, please visit the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension.