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Everyone needs a little help with the home landscape now and then. Entrust your plants and landscape to an expert. DNLA members are experienced professionals, committed to providing the best services in landscape design, installation, maintenance, trouble-shooting, and more.

Here are some tips for choosing a professional with the right qualifications:

Look for the DNLA Seal. DNLA members deliver on their promises in a timely manner. DNLA members must be in good standing in the industry. They attend educational meetings and receive the DNLA newsletter to stay on top of this dynamic industry.

Look for the Certified Nursery Professional Seal. A Certified Nursery Professional (CNP) must pass a comprehensive exam that tests general knowledge of plants, maintenance, plant problems, and landscape installation and maintenance, as well as a specialty exam in his or her area of expertise. CNPs stay current by attending continuing education courses each year.

Hire a firm with a licensed Pesticide Applicator. If you have an insect, weed, or disease problem that requires treatment, the business providing that treatment must have a Certified Pesticide Applicator on staff. Certified by the State of Delaware, licensed pest applicators take a written exam and attend continuing education classes to maintain that certification.

Hire a certified Nutrient Handler to apply fertilizer.  Professionals who apply fertilizer to more than 10 acres combined must be certified as nutrient management handlers through the Delaware Nutrient Management Commission.  Recertification credits are required yearly.

Hire an arborist who has a certificate of insurance. No one anticipates problems, but a trustworthy arborist will have insurance to cover unexpected incidents or damage. Ask to see the certificate.

Be a responsible consumer. Ask questions. Make sure the person you hire is a licensed and insured professional. For guidance on hiring a Lawn and Landscape Company, see the following publication on the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Website.